Script/Outline: How to Ride a Zipfy - a European Mini Luge

What is a Zifpy
Benefits of riding a Zipfy.
Why it’s important to learn HOW to ride a zipy
Why you would want to ride a zipfy.
What you should wear when riding a zipfy
Different types of hills to ride a zipfy on –
Ice Hills – pros and cons
Sand Hills – pros and cons
Deep Powder Snow Hills – pros and cons
Packed snow Hill – pros and cons
Grass Hill – pros and cons
Where did the Zipfy came from
Who can ride a zipfy
How to sit on a Zipy
Where to store a Zipfy
What colors do they come in?
How much do they cost
Where do you buy one
What is it made from
Different Techniques to use while riding the zipfy
How old should you be to ride a zipfy
How big do you need to be – weight wise?
How steep does the hill need to be to ride on?
What is the best way to sit on a Zipfy
What shape is the Zipfy patterned after?
How do you have the MOST fun on a Zipfy – by having Parties!
Can you take a Zipfy in water?
How long have Zipfys been around?
Where do you store it?
How do you carry it?
How much does it weigh?
Safety factors when riding a Zipfy – stay away from rocks
How many Zipfys can you put in a car? Unlike inner tubes or sleds, you can put several Zipfys in a Car – about 24 or more
What to bring when you go Zipfy Riding
Can 2 or more people ride together?
Can you hold hands going down a hill?
What else can you do on a Zipfy – Racing – Go Professional!
Downhill Slalom and Freestyle Racing