Script/Outline: How To Load a Kayak on your Vehicle

How to Load a Kayak on Your Car

1. Why you have to think about this BEFORE you get a kayak

2. What are your options if you don’t have a car to load your kayak on to?

3. Benefits of having the right kind of car to load your kayak

4. HOW do you tie down a kayak

5. Why it is important to know the right way to load a kayak

6. What are the tools and equipment needed to load a kayak on your car

7. How to tell if the kayaks are on tight

8. Different types of cars or trucks to use

9. SUV’s – how we do it

10. How the weather plays a factor when a kayak is on top of your car – wind, etc.

11. What types of cars are best for loading a kayak on

12. Where do you get the equipment for securing a kayak on your car

13. How many people do you need to load a kayak

14. What kind of a bar do you need to secure on your car

15. How do the straps keep the kayak from moving around

16. What kind of straps do you use

17. What are the dangers of putting a kayak on your car

18. How much does each piece of equipment cost?

19. How far should you carry your Kayak on your car?

20. What are the straps made of?

21. Can you hurt your kayaks if you strap it down too tight?

22. Do you have to be in good physical condition to put a kayak on a car?

23. Do you have to be really tall to get a kayak on a car? No you are going to use a ladder

24. How can you kayak alone and do this by yourself? Get a smaller kayak

25. Do Kayaks weight a lot? Ocean Brand Kayaks don’t weigh that much which is why I like them so much.

26. You don’t need years of experience to start loading your own kayak.

27. How do you carry a kayak to your car?

28. Safety factors when loading a kayak.

29. How many Kayaks can you put on top of a car?

30. Where do you store the kayak roof mounts when you are not using them?