Script/Outline: How to Ride a Trikke

What is a Trikke
Benefits of riding a Trikke
HOW do you ride a Trikke
Why is it fun to ride a Trikke – not many are found in Utah – it’s a novelty and a great workout
What you should wear when riding a Trikke – basic gear
How to ride a Trikke on different types of surfaces
Down Hill – pros and cons
Up Hill – pros and cons
Flat surface – pros and cons
What types of surfaces are best – smooth cement, no rocks, leaves, branches, cracks, asphalt, wide surface is better than a narrow, etc.
Where can you get a Trikke
Who can ride a Trikke
How do you stand on a Trikke
How does it fold up in your car?
Where do you store a Trikke?
What are the dangers of riding a Trikke
How much do they cost?
Where do you ride your Trikke?
What is it made from?
Different Techniques to use while riding the Trikke. Long stroke, short strokes
Do you have to be in good physical condition to ride a Trikke?
How big or small do you need to be – weight/height wise
How can you have fun riding with others or do you just ride a lone?
What kind of weather can you ride a Trikke in?
How long have Trikkes been around?
How long have I had my Trikke?
How do you carry it?
How much does it weigh?
Safety factors when riding a Trikke
How many Trikkes can you put in a car?
What to bring when you ride a Trikke.
Can 2 or more people ride together?
Is there more advanced Trikke Riding than just the casual riding?