Script/Outline: How To Bounce Your Way to Fitness

How to Bounce Your Way to Fitness w/ Trampoline Aerobics

1. Different sizes and shapes of Trampolines to use

2. Trampoline Safety – no more than 2 on a tramp

3. Benefits of Jumping on a Tramp

4. How to keep from getting bored – Jump w/ others, jump w/ music

5. HOW do you start jumping on a tramp, first thing to do.

6. Little tramps vrs big tramps - each has its qualities

7. What do you wear when you jump – always take off your shoes

8. How to play the add on game

9. How to do a sit, stand

10. How to do a figure eight or just a circle

11. What to do a knee, stand

12. Where can you buy a new tramp

13. Where can you buy a used tramp

14. What to look for if you buy a used tramp

15. How big of a tramp should you get

16. Should you put it in the ground or keep it on top of the ground

17. What about pads around the edge

18. How much do they cost

19. Who can jump on a tramp

20. How to do a sit, stand, knee, stand

21. How to do a stomach, stand

22. How to do a back, stand

23. How to do a back, stand, stomach, stand

24. Where do you store a Tramp

25. Do you have to take it down during the winter months – no but don’t let tons of snow accumulate on the tramp

26. Don’t jump on a tramp when it’s wet or beware – it will be very slippery

27. What are the dangers of jumping on a tramp

28. What is a trampoline made out of? Polypropylene

29. What to do with your hands

30. Jumping higher is more of a workout

31. Do you have to be in good physical condition to jump on a tramp?

32. How big or small do you need to be to jump on a tramp

33. What about kids – supervising children on a tramp

34. How to get on a tramp, how to get off a tramp

35. How to lay on your back and bounce – get stomach workout

36. How to move a tramp across your yard – don’t drag it

37. The benefits of having multiple tramps

38. Drink plenty of water