Script/Outline: How To Kayak

How to Kayak

1. White water vrs. Flat Water Kayaking

2. Different types of Flat Water Kayaks – Sit on top and this is the one we’re talking about today.

3. Benefits of a Sit on top Kayak.

4. Benefits of Kayaking – upper body strength

5. HOW do you paddle a kayak

6. Kayaking vrs. A motor boat – we have both – each has its qualities

7. Why is it fun to Kayak – peaceful, quiet, close to the water, see down into the water

8. What you should wear when kayaking – basic gear

9. How to Kayak in different types of weather

10. How to Kayak on different types of water – lake, ocean, river

11. What types of water are BEST for kayaking

12. Where can you rent a Kayak

13. Where can you buy a new Kayak

14. How much do they cost

15. Can you get them used

16. Who can kayak

17. How do you sit in a kayak

18. What about water safety and life jackets?

19. Where do you store a Kayak

20. What about the weather conditions when you are kayaking

21. What are the dangers of kayaking

22. Where are my favorite places to kayak?

23. What is the Ocean Brand Kayak made out of?

24. What are other kayaks made from?

25. Different Techniques to use while paddling. Long stroke, short strokes

26. Do you have to be in good physical condition to kayak?

27. How big or small do you need to be – weight/height wise?

28. Do you kayak alone or always kayak with other people?

29. How do you carry a kayak?

30. How much does it weigh?

31. Safety factors when kayaking

32. How many kayaks can you carry on your car?

33. What to bring when you Kayak

34. Can 2 or more people be on one kayak?