Script/Outline: How to Ski and How to Enjoy Spring Skiing

Healing benefits of Skiing – emotionally, mentally, physically
Dangers of Spring Skiing
How to load your skis on/in your car
How to carry your Ski Boots
How to put Ski Boots on
How to practice walking around and upstairs in your Ski boots
What kind of Socks to wear
Elevation and Altitude – how it effects you
Inbound and Out-of-bounds at a Ski Resort – Safety Concerns
What to wear for Spring skiing – how the differs from winter skiing
Dangers of not wearing much clothing
Staying on runs that are right for you
What a GREEN circles means
What a BLUE square means
What a BLACK diamond means
How to use your poles
What to bring with you when skiing
Difference between Winter and Spring Snow
Skiing in Powder
Skiing in snowpack
Skiing in Icy Conditions
Exercises to do to get you in shape for skiing
How to stretch out before hitting the slopes
Learning about wind chill factor and how that will effect you
How to find out current temperatures on the mountain and recent snow fall
Two ways to ski on FLAT surface snow – getting to a chair lift for example
How to get on a Ski lift
How to get off a Ski lift
How to stay safe while riding on a ski lift
Which buckles are most important on the boot
How to get your skis on
How to get out of your skis
How to get big clumps of snow off of your boots so you can get your skis on
What to do before going down a hill
How to avoid peer pressure when friends want to take you on a run that is over your head
How to avoid trees
How to avoid avalanches
How to snowplow
How to Hockey Stop
How to “Push and Roll”
How to ski with a Rhythm
Features on my Favorite Skis
Features on my Boots
Why the edges on your skis are so important
How to propel out of a turn
How to control your speed on a steep hill or any hill
How to roll your skis
How to stop – Hockey Stop or snow plow
How to be aware of other skiers and snowboarders around you
How to ski free
Skiing on a weekday vrs. weekend – pros and cons
How to meet new people while you are skiing
How to keep your posture upright
How to avoid the most common injury while skiing – fatigue
How to deal with altitude sickness
How to know when to quit skiing
Dealing with different snow conditions – how to adjust
Snow in the shade vrs. snow in direct sunlight
How to get the cheapest season pass