Script/Outline: How to Plan a Fun, Inexpensive Weekend Getaway

Benefits of a quick weekend getaway
Who is going - family, friends, etc.
How much will it cost -
Pros and cons of a larger group of people going
Pros and cons of just a few people going
Types of places you can go
Where you go to get ideas
How to decide what to do once you are there
Build your people resources - network w/ others. Find out where they've been
Internet - do Google search
How to "cluster" activities to save more money
Putting together an itinerary for your trip
Setting a budget that works for you
Expect the unexpected
What to bring on your trip
How to enjoy the trip, not just stress out
How to have the vacation start when you get in your car
How to pack and load the car the day before you leave
Road trips - don't go too far
How old your passengers are will determine a lot about what you do
Structured activities vrs non-structured
Going at Peak season vrs non-peak season
Making Reservations
Travel journal
Create memories with a camera
Look for Places that are Off the Beaten Path
Resources on the web: http://www.momsminivan.com/, http://travelforkids.com/
For ideas: Guidebooks and Magazines
Structured and non-structured time
Book: "Family Vacations Made Simple" by Sumner
Reservations - pros and cons
Holiday Vacations - pros and cons
Peak season vrs. non peak season
Enjoying the Journey
Anticipating the Trip is sometimes more fun that the trip itself
Road Trips - don't have to go so far. Plan to stop often
Children - packing an activity carry bag
Learning about where you'll go
Having a positive attitude - essential
Develop a spirit of adventure
Being Flexible - essential
Patience - essential
Planning - essential
Road trip Trivia Books
Relaxing on your trip - Try not to do and see everything
Make a scrapbook -collect photos and brochures,write down stories,your feelings, etc