Script/Outline: How to do Dutch Oven Cooking

What is a Dutch Oven
Cooking indoors
Cooking outdoors
How long has it been around
Can anyone do Dutch Oven Cooking
Where is it best to do Dutch Oven
What kind of Dutch Oven is a good one to buy
Where do you buy a Dutch Oven
What brands do you recommend.
What tools/equipment do you need
Dutch Oven Table
How big are they are how many dutch ovens can they hold
Brickettes – what kind, how to heat them
What are the benefits of D O Cooking
What are D O’s made of and how heavy are they
How do you heat a Dutch Oven
How do you clean a Dutch Oven
How do you store a Dutch Oven
What kind of foods can you cook in a Dutch Oven
How long does it take to cook food
Using the lid to cook on
Favorite Bread Recipes
Favorite Main Dishes
Favorite Desserts
What should you cook if you don’t have much time